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1/28/2019 Heroin Summit Agenda Download
6/25/2018 Youth Summer Activities Download
1/31/2018 Heroin Summit Photo Download
1/29/2018 Heroin Summit Agenda January 2018 Download
12/31/2017 White Run Oak Download
7/22/2017 Beckett Springs Training Download
7/11/2017 Celebrating Restoration 5K Run-Walk Download
6/23/2017 6-19-17 AGENDA & MINUTES- HEROIN SUMMIT #10 Download
6/12/2017 Mayors Alliance Opiod Information Download
6/12/2017 Ohio AG's Heroin Unit Community Solutions Guide Download
5/24/2017 Becket Springs Download
5/18/2017 Sojourner 5K-June 10th Download
4/25/2017 Human Trafficking - FREE 2 Hour CEU Event Download
4/20/2017 SAMHSA headlines Download
3/23/2017 BC Community Resources brochure Download
3/23/2017 Choices Behavioral Health Care brochure Download
3/23/2017 Choices Behavioral Health Care brochure Download
3/13/2017 Becket Springs CHANGES Opening March 20th Download
3/13/2017 EmpowerU brochure.pdf Download
2/9/2017 Celebrating Restoration 2017 Download
6/28/2016 Safety Council Resources Download
6/7/2016 Updated Resource List Download
3/8/2016 Heroin Summit & Agenda 2-29-16 Download
11/4/2015 60 Minutes Looks at Heroin Epidemic In Ohio Download
9/11/2015 Community Responsibility Power Point Presentation by Education Group 7-27-15 Download
8/13/2015 KNOW! Communicating with your children... Download
8/3/2015 Vivitrol Treatment information from Judge Rettich Download
8/3/2015 Vivitrol Treatment information from Judge Moses Download
7/31/2015 Southern Ohio Prevents Hepatitis (StOPHeP) Download
7/31/2015 Southern Ohio Prevents Hepatitis (StOPHeP) Download
7/30/2015 Important Information for Patients Who Have Been Given a NARCANĀ® or Naloxone Injection or Nasal Spray and Their Friends and Family Members Download
7/30/2015 Nar-A-Non Family Group meeting Download
7/30/2015 Heroin Education Group Report 7-27-15 Download
7/28/2015 SAFE Info-Substance Abuse Family Education Download
7/22/2015 7-27-15-Agenda .pdf Download
6/29/2015 PreventionFIRST! invitation Download
6/29/2015 7-27-2015 Agenda Download
6/22/2015 From BGSU Download
6/18/2015 Senate Bill 4 Passes Download
6/18/2015 Join SAMHSAs Opioid Overdose Prevention Challenge Download
5/21/2015 Minutes from 4-27-15 Download
5/15/2015 Raising Awareness About Heroin Download
5/15/2015 Heroin Summit Brainstorming Session Download
5/15/2015 Heroin Summit Presentation Public Safety Download
5/15/2015 Wayne County Community Meeting Download
5/15/2015 Jennifer Biddinger - Mike DeWine's Office Download
5/15/2015 BC Clinics (BSB) Download
5/15/2015 Warren County Clinics (BSB) Download
5/15/2015 Middletown Holistic Outreach Center Download
5/15/2015 Groups and GOALS Download
5/15/2015 Heroin Summit Root Causes Download
3/24/2015 Minutes of Meeting Download
2/23/2015 Heroin Summit Minutes Download
2/23/2015 Heroin Summit Agenda Download
1/26/2015 Heroin Summit Agenda Download